Aerial Photography Service in Southeast Asia

Cygnus Aerial Photography introduces UAV Aerial Photography service first time in Bangladesh. Cygnus also provides service in Southeast Asian geographical zone specially in Bhutan &wb Nepal.

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as Quadcopter / Hexacopter / Octocopter is used for aerial survey, aerial photography and high resolution aerial filming with high definition (HD) wireless video and still cameras.

The UAV design is based on a powerful rotor with a unique collapsible body for cost effective aerial service. We also use BLIMP Technology (helium balloon) platform for silent & longer time flying.



  • Orthographic projection enables Aerial System
  • Ground resolution: 1 meter to 50cm ~ approximately
  • Gyro camera mount
  • GPS Coordinatecygnus-promotional


  • Aerial Survey, Photography & Filming
  • Oil & Gas Aerial Inspection
  • Wild Life Aerial Filming
  • Television Broadcast Aerial Video
  • Environmental Research Work
  • Residential / Real Estate Aerial Photography
  • Disaster Aerial Inspection
  • Sporting Events